How to set up a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Setting up recumbent exercise bike is not an easy task for every user. To set up recumbent exercise bike you have to do some easy task. I have researched and found some and these are as follows:

Set Up Recumbent Exercise Bike - Step By Step Guide

Setting up a recumbent exercise bike may be tough task to some user. Below are the simple step to set up a recumbent exercise bike.

Seat Adjustment

set up recumbent bike
set up recumbent bike

The first thing you should do is get seated on the bike and adjust the seat to your height.

Workout Option

set up recumbent bike

The next step is to select the desired workout option from the menu. For some recumbent bikes, you may have to start pedaling to turn on the equipment or you can use the manual setting to select the program to use.

Weight and Age

You can enter your weight and age in order to estimate the number of calories burned during the workout.

Resistance Level

You can increase the level of resistance by tightening up the tension knob to a setting that feels hard. This can be done continually to aim climb.


set up recumbent bike

You can also increase your pedal pace by adding speed interval to your cycling. For instance, you can speed up for a couple of minutes and slow down to a comfortable speed for the same duration.

You can change your muscle focus of cycling by changing the way you push the pedals. To do this you can either point your toes or keep your feet flexed.​

Cardiovascular workout

To increase your cardiovascular workout, move your arms, as this will improve your upper body workout.

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