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Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Review​​​​​​s ​​​​in 2020

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews ​​​​in 2020

A complete guide on choosing the best recumbent exercise bike over dozens of competitive models from different brands.

Best recumbent Exercise bike

Who says that exercise has to be all pain for gain? Using recumbent bikes is by far one of the best ways to keep in shape and to get around as well. Simply put, these machines are the perfect solution for a total body workout indoors. The added benefit is that most of these things come with contemporary and practical features for the best workout results. We have identified some of the best recumbent exercise bikes for you to consider. These bikes are available with unique features, and you can be sure of an immersive experience each time. We chose these bikes based on our exclusive research techniques and knowledge base on fitness products. We also considered features on the best recumbent bike buyer’s guide.

What is a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

This refers to a special exercise bike that is stationary and places the rider in a reclining or laid-back stance. Similar to the conventional bike, it comes with a seat, backrest, and pedal. These bikes are designed for ergonomic purposes in mind. As a result, these types of bikes are designed to distribute the weight of the rider over a large area and supported by the buttocks and back. On the contrary, the conventional upright bike lets the body weight rest on a small portion of the sitting bones, hands and even feet. Nowadays, most bikes are available with contemporary features such as LCDs and apps to help in tracking your progress level.

Our Ten Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes - Detailed Comparison!





Weight Capacity





Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike (MY17)




10 year frame, 2 year mechanical, 1 year electrical, 90 day labor

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Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike




Limited three-year manufacturer's warranty

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RBD4703 Recumbent Bike




3 year structural frame, 90 days other parts and components

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Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike




10 years frame, 2 years mechanical,1 year electrical, 90 days labor

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Diamondback Fitness 910SR Recumbent Bike



Limited lifetime warranty on frame and brake, 3 years on parts, 1 year on labor, 90 days on wear items

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Marcy 40502R Recumbent Exercise Bike




Manufacturer’s warranty

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Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Bike




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Stamina Elite Recumbent Exercise Bike




Manufacturer’s warranty

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Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike




Limited lifetime warranty on frame and brake, 3 years on parts, 1 year on labor, 90 days on wear items

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PROGEAR 555LXT Recumbent Bike




1 Year limited warranty

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Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews:

Here are our 10 best recumbent exercise bikes reviews, based on market research, customer reviews.We are sure you will find an option that will fulfill your needs and lifestyle. Just stick with our reviews and you will get exactly what you want. Let’s check it!

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike (MY17)

Discover the excellence of the Schwinn 270 Recumbent exercise bike. This bike is powerful and with a dynamic design to suit your needs. It leaves a small footprint in your home space, and it also has practical user features as well. It has an appealing design that lets you meet your workout goals with style. The LCD also has intuitive features for a hassle-free navigation experience. This bike also comes with contemporary features such as the fitness to help you track your progress.

High inertia drive system and 29 programs:

This bike has a high inertia drive system that provides effortless startup and quiet workouts. In fact, the upgraded pedal system with three piece crank and 25 levels of resistance to match your fitness level. With as many as 29 programs included, this exercise bike provides the best workout solution for your needs.

Ergonomic seat structure and 25 levels of resistance:

Further lending to the superior design of this bike is that it has a Ventilated, cushioned and contoured seats. This provides one of the most comfortable rides and with ergonomic handlebars to match. It also has 25 levels of computer controlled resistance, which makes it easy to customize the intensity of your workouts.

LCD Screen:

Users can also track their progress by using the LCD screen or by perhaps transferring data through Bluetooth via fitness apps. The LCD screen provides high-resolution content and its durable for long-lasting performance. The fitness apps also have intuitive designs which make them simple to use.

Important Features:

  • This bike has a dual track LCD screen for optimal performance
  • It also has Bluetooth connectivity for seamless data integration
  • This unit has 25 levels of computer controlled resistance
  • It also has 29 programs and four user settings
Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike Review

Experience the superior quality of the Exerpeutic 900XL Extended bike. This machine makes working out a convenient and affordable process. This unique recumbent design that is effective and comfortable for your needs. Besides that, the bike is also simple to use and comfortable as well. This best exercise bike is perfect for both professional and casual users. It is also simple to transport with in-built wheels and with LCD screens for added performance.

Smooth torque cranking system:

This bike has a unique cranking system that works to provide consistent and smooth pedaling benefits. This feature is backed by the precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive. In particular, these provide smooth and silent operation for your needs.

Oversize seat cushion and backrest:

The oversized seat is very comfortable, and it comes with a special seat cushion for long-lasting performance. The backrest is simple to adjust and with an exceptional 8 level magnetic resistance level. This makes it simple to adjust the intensity of your workouts.

Inbuilt wheels and extended stabilizers:

Users will also appreciate the additional in-built wheels that make it easy to transport the bike. Besides that, it has extended leg stabilizers which reduce any tipping or rocking.

Large pedal design with straps:

Furthermore, these bikes also have large pedals with straps that work to reduce any foot slippage. With the additional LCD, this machine can track your distance, calories burned, time elapsed and more.

Important Features:

  • Adjustable magnetic tension control system
  • Simple to read LCD monitor
  • Maximum weight capacity 300lbs
  • Fully functional stabilizers and in-built wheels
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RBD4703 Recumbent Bike Review

Make the most of your workouts with the Sunny Health and Fitness Bike. Users can adjust the intensity levels of the bike and it also has a comfortable seat. The bike is also perfect for multitasking since you can read a book or surf the web as you workout. Thanks to the ergonomic seat and adjustable handlebars, the SF-RBD4703 guarantees, and immersive experience each time.

Digital monitor:

This unit lets you track your progress with the simple digital monitor screen. It has a heart rate monitor which quickly displays your heart rate, and you can also adjust the intensity levels. It also has a powerful display that will show the time and distance to keep you focused on your goals.

Adjustable Resistance:

Improve the intensity levels of your workout by using the convenient tension knob. All you need to do is to use a simple twist which improves the resistance levels of the bike. As a result, you can workout can remain challenging and effective all throughout your fitness regime. This bike also makes it simple for you to engage various routines in every workout.

Cushioned Seat:

The seat also has additional padding and cushion to provide optimal blood flow to the glutes. This ensures prolonged and vigorous workout benefits. It also has additional padding that helps to relieve the effects of pressure points. The bike also has transportation wheels for added user convenience.

Important Features:

  • Non-slip tray and LCD
  • Recumbent desk bike design and padded seat
  • Adjustable resistance and digital monitor
 Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent bike provides a challenging workout and in a relaxed position with optimal back support. The features on this bike make it perfect for both novice and advanced users. It even has vented seat adjusts for added comfort and sliding seat rail to accommodate various user positions. In particular, the Schwinn 230 Bike features a relaxed body position that lets you burn calories in optimal comfort.

Dual track LCD and high-speed inertia wheel:

This machine also has a dual track LCD window system that makes it easy to monitor as many as 13 different display feedbacks. The inclusion of the high-speed inertia wheel makes each workout smooth and simple. Thanks to the unique crank system and unique braking system, this bike makes working out a breeze.

Goal tracking and data export:

Both these features make it simple to update yourself and to achieve your unique fitness goals. With as many as 20 resistance levels, this bikes makes it simple to adjust your workout regimen. Users will also appreciate the ergonomically placed grip heart rate that provides comfortable workouts each time.

22 programs and two user settings:

With as many as 22 programs, this best recumbent bike makes it easy to customize your workout regiment. It also comes with two user settings which allow as many as two users to store their settings on the machine.

Important Features:

  • Dual track two LCD window system
  • Goal tracking and data export capabilities
  • 22 programs and two user settings
  • 20 levels of resistance and high-speed inertia flywheel
Diamondback Fitness 910SR Recumbent Bike Review

Working out is a good lifestyle habit. This is why the Diamondback 91 OSR Bike is the perfect solution for your needs. Designed to be comfortable with the recumbent design and ergonomic features, this bike is the perfect solution for your needs. The handlebars can be adjusted the LCD screen makes it customize the intensity of your workouts.

LCD screen:

The Diamondback 91Osr features a clear, bright blue LCD screen that displays various types of fitness data This includes time, heart rates, calories burned and more You can also listen to music on this recumbent bike, and it has an in-built port This feature is backed by an integrate(' speaker system that eliminates the need for headphones while you ride.

Wireless heart rate monitor:

Users will also appreciate the unique heart rate monitor that is compatible with most chest strap models. This eliminates the need for necessarily holding onto pulse rate sensors for the best performance. It also has an eddy current braking system and unique crank design, which means that its silent in performance.

35 workout programs and 32 resistance levels

This bike is one of the best available for finetuning workouts to suit specific needs based on fitness levels, experiences, and more This makes it perfect for users of almost any level and with specialized programs for targeting optimal heart rates. The 32 resistance levels are perfect for various types of workout goals.

Important Features:

  • Solid steel magnetic flywheel and steel crafted components
  • 35 workout programs and 32 resistance levels
  • Inbuilt LCD with real-time feedback
  • Adjustable seat base and back structure
Marcy 40502R Recumbent Exercise Bike

Looking for a convenient and simple solution for losing unwanted weight and improve your cardiovascular fitness levels? Well, the NS-40502R is the answer. Benefit from the same workout intensity that you would experience on the larger bikes, but with a compact bike. Designed to be silent in performance and compact at the same time, this bike is the perfect addition to your home workouts.

Eight resistance levels and ergonomic features:

With as much as eight levels of resistance, this bike is designed to challenge you at almost any level. The tension control know makes it easy to adjust the bike to conform to your workouts. It also comes with foam covered ergonomic handles and customizable foot pedal strips.

Heavy-duty steel construction:

This stationary bike also comprises of a premium steel frame that consolidates the performance and design of contemporary machines. The sturdy design provides optimal durability to make it ideal for long-lasting performance. Thanks to the additional in-built wheels, this bike offers optimal portability.

High tech LCD monitor and adjustable seat length:

Taking things to the next level, this bike has a durable and fully functional LCD screen that can also be used as an odometer. The sharp display panel displays various stats include time, speed, distance, and calories. The seat also has a customizable design that makes it simple to adjust the height to suit your body structure.

Important Features:

  • Adjustable seat length and ergonomic handles
  • Heavy-duty steel construction and eight resistance levels
  • High-quality LCD and adjustable seat structure
Velocity Exercise CHB-R2101 Recumbent Bike

Get the exercise you want in the comfort of your own home by using the CHB-R2101 Recumbent exercise bike. This bike comes with a reclined design that provides optimal comfort as you pedal your way to optimal fitness. Users can also track their progress on the simple to read display and with a heavy-duty bike. Its simple to customize through the LCD screen and it also has appealing design features.

Eight levels of preset resistance:

Designed to offer as many as eight levels of preset resistance, this bike is the perfect addition to any physical enthusiast. This can be customized through the high-resolution LCD. This LCD is also perfect for tracking your workout progress and for customizing your entire workout. It comes with intuitive user interfaces for convenient navigation.

Two-way flywheel and smooth crank design:

It also has a two-way flywheel that provides a comfortable and smooth ride each time. Besides that, the unique design of the crank ensures silent operation and its perfect for high-intensity training. This bike is also equipped with foot pedals and adjustable straps for optimal user convenience.

Inbuilt transport wheels and ergonomic features:

Furthermore, this bike comes with inbuilt transport wheels which make it simple to move around the house. Similar to all the high-end recumbent bikes, it also comes with ergonomic features for long-lasting comfort. As a result, you can engage in high-intensity workouts without compromising comfort.

Important Features:

  • Eight levels of preset resistance
  • Inbuilt transport wheels and large console display
  • Padded foot pedals with adjustable straps
  • Heavy-duty construction and powder coated finish
Stamina Elite Recumbent Exercise Bike

This exercise bike is the perfect solution for working your hips, thighs, buttocks and for general cardiovascular endurance. It provides a total body workout at the comforts of your own home and in a compact unit. Designed to be simple to use and easy on the joints, this bike provides the perfect workout experience. Users can even customize their experience by adjusting the intensity levels to provide the best results.

Multi-function electronic display and sturdy steel frame:

This machine has a special LED display that can track your speed, calories, heart rate, workout time, distance and more. It also has a sturdy steel frame that provides optimal balance regardless of the riding performance. The bike can also accommodate heavy users of as much as 250LBS

Upper hand pedals and adjustable flywheel:

Furthermore, this machine has upper hand pedals and foot pedals that are perfect for a full body workout With the adjustable flywheel and smooth belt drive train, this exercise bike provides a smooth user experience.

All in one tension:

It has an all in one tension knob that can be adjusted to 8 different levels of workout intensity without necessarily stopping. This best recumbent bike also has an electronic battery operated multifunction monitor. To be specific, this will track your speed, calories burned, distance and more. The bike also comes with rotating handlebars and with ergonomic structures for optimal comfort.

Important Features:

  • Quiet magnetic resistance levels
  • Multi-function electronic display
  • Upper hand pedals and lower foot pedals
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat structure
Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike

Take your cardiovascular performance to the next level with the Diamondback 510SR fitness bike. This bike has a sculpted seat base and backrest, to take off any pressure from your bike riding regime. In fact, the 510Sr bike has been designed for a proven and low impact workout, even when recovering from chronic pain or injury. This features on this bike make it the perfect solution for your workout regimen.

20 workout programs and ergonomic features:

This best exercise bike comes with as many as 20 workout programs for the best workout experience. Also, it also has 16 levels of resistance, which can be accessed through the simple to use LCD unit. The inclusion of the sculptured seat base and back provides optimal comfort regardless of the workout intensity level.

Eddy current braking system and integrated speaker:

Furthermore, this machine is also silent in operation thanks to the silent and smooth eddy current braking system This best exercise bike also has benevolent features such as a speaker system with MP3 connectivity. Besides that, other convenient features include the adjustable fan and cup holder for added user convenience.

LCD and fitness trackers:

This best recumbent bike also provides real-time feedback and with the inclusion of quick set program keys_ It also has a scrolling message center, which makes it easy for users to navigate any new content or information. The bike also comes with convenient fitness trackers to help keep you informed during the workouts.

Important Features:

  • 20 workout programs and 16 resistance levels
  • Eddy current braking system and high-resolution LCD
  • Ergonomic seat structure and integrated speaker system
PROGEAR 555LXT Recumbent Bike

Equip yourself with the PROGEAR 555LXT Recumbent bike that makes it easy to program your workout goals. It can track your workout time, calories burned and distance as well. The bike is also comfortable and compact to leave a small footprint in our home space. This bike is compact and it comes with in-built wheels for convenient portability. Best of all, the bike can accommodate even large of up to 6 feet 3 inches or 250LBS.

Widescreen LCD:

The first notable feature of this bike is that it has a widescreen LCD which makes it simple to navigate the user content. With as many as 16 levels of magnetic tension resistance, this bike makes it easy to customize the intensity of your workout These features are all accessible through the high-resolution LCD.

Heavy-duty construction:

Designed to provide optimal performance regardless of the intensity of the workout, this bike has a heavy duty construction to match. Additionally, it also has a unique step thru design that makes it simple to get on and off the bike. The various other components of this bike are also durable enough to guarantee long-lasting performance.

Inbuilt wheels and ergonomic seats:

This bike also has in-built wheels which make it simple to transport the bike around the house_ Besides that, the bike has ergonomic seats, which have padded designs for long-lasting comfort The ergonomic seats are backed by the adjustable handlebars which make it simple to customize the bike.

Important Features:

  • Widescreen LCD and in built wheels
  • 14 levels of smooth magnetic tension resistance
  • Three computer goal workout settings
  • 250Ibs weight capacity and user height range of 6'33"

Things To Consider Before Buying A Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Shopping for the best recumbent exercise bike can be a daunting task since you have to consider features of different brands plus the pros and cons of each machine. With the right information, you can make the correct choice. Well, we have just listed and reviewed our top pick of 10 best recumbent bike. If you want to choose a recumbent bike of your own, you need to consider the following factors before choosing the final one:

Maximum user weight

It is wise to consider how much weight the recumbent exercise bike can support. As a user, you will be spending several minutes to an hour working out a sweat in order to tone out your muscles.

Your weight should be the main factor to ensure the machine is able to support you. What you need to know is that majority of bikes support up to 300 pounds.

If you weigh more, you have to seek a model that supports more than 300 pounds. Buying equipment that supports your weight helps to put less strain on the machine.

LED/LCD display with media center

As a user, it is important to track vital stats like your heart rate and how many calories have been burned. These stats allow you to monitor your health and the amount of effort you have engaged during that one workout session.

The only way to track stats like distance and speed is via a LED or LCD window system. The system can have a media center with speakers to allow you the opportunity of playing your favorite music. This acts as a great motivator.

Magnetic resistance levels

In order to burn calories, your workout needs to be challenging. To ensure that fat is burned allowing you to lose weight and firm your muscles, resistance needs to be incorporated in your workout.

Today, recumbent exercise bikes are fitted with magnetic resistance levels which can be controlled with a simple dial.This helps to adjust the intensity of your workout.

When shopping for a bike, look for one that offers more workout programs. This is because the more workout programs it has, the more choices you will have allowing you to attain your goals and objectives.

Padded seat with back rest

As said earlier, recumbent exercise bikes are suitable for people who have lower back problems, those who are less to support the bottom and the back.

This ensures that the back maintains proper posture during a workout. There are models that come with vented seats. These are designed to improve cooling eliminating fatigue until the end of your workout.

Heart monitor

There are several reasons why people workout and some of them include the need to tone muscles, burn calories, improve their metabolic rate and cardiovascular health too. Cardiovascular fitness is important as it touches on the heart which is a vital organ in the body that aids with the circulation of blood.

To ensure that health conditions like hypertension and heart attacks are present in your body, you need a recumbent bike that comes with a heart grip monitor.

This is a feature that monitors your heart allowing you to meet your goals for cardiovascular fitness. The controls are usually built-in the handlebars to allow ease of reach.


While buying one, you have to keep in mind, that the recumbent exercise bike, will offer some resistance, which constitutes to some noise, there are some exercise bikes that are quieter than others. High noise levels can be bothersome, over a long period of time.

For quick exercising of twenty minutes or less, this will often not matter. But for those who exercise for at least one hour, this may become a distraction that does not allow you to place your focus on your exercise program. So when you buy a recumbent bike, try to buy that one produce low noise.

Safety Issues for Small Children

Studies show that thousands of children are injured each year, due to safety issues stemming from exercise bikes. Small children get their fingers stuck in the chain or flywheel of the bikes.

Make sure that the recumbent exercise bike you purchase has a covering, for any parts that would present a safety issue for smaller children.

Other considerations

Other factors to consider include pedal straps, type of material and price. Pedal straps need to be adjustable to prevent foot slippage. This is a safety feature that prevents your foot from getting injured.

The type of material used in the construction of the frame and other parts tells you if the equipment will last long or not. It will also tell you if it can support a certain user weight.

Lastly, the price of the equipment is vital as it helps you to budget. If you want an expensive model that comes with more features, you will have to pay more. If you want a simple model with basic features, you will pay less.

Final Verdict

In summarizing all the important factors, there is no space for poor decision making when it comes to having good lifestyle habits. One such example is to incorporate a workout plan as part of your lifestyle. This is why you should consider the best recumbent exercise bikes. Choosing the ideal exercise bike for your needs requires informed decision making. These units are designed to provide convenient workout benefits and in a compact design. Furthermore, most bike brands have done well to incorporate their products with practical and contemporary features. In this way, you can receive both an immersive workout performance and the best value for your investment. So stop sitting around, buy your best recumbent  bike today, and get out for exercise tomorrow. And don’t forget to tell us about your workout result !